Nicodrops is a unique, drug free, smoking alternative, mint-flavored lozenge. The uniqueness is a direct approach which immediately terminates the use of the addictive drug nicotine. Competing products operate on a nicotine replacement therapy using a gradual weaning process. Nicodrops is an all-natural herb lozenge which helps to calm the nervous anxiety that is brought on by nicotine addiction. Product research and development commenced in 1993 and was focused on a holistic approach using herbal plants thought to be effective in handling tobacco addiction. In consultation with certified research herbalists, Nicodrops established the properties of these herbs and their impact on tobacco addiction. Experimenting with various combinations of the pure herbal plant extracts over an extended period resulted in the development of a proprietary formulation(intellectual property and trade secret) which was effective in assisting people who smoke.

The Company has developed a unique line of drug free, smoking alternative lozenge products.

The market for the products is huge consisting of people throughout the world that wants a smoking alternative.

The Company was incorporated for the purpose of bringing to market a unique, drug free line of lozenge products designed to help people who wish for a smoking alternative.

Currently, if a smoker decides to give up the habit, the choices are to quit using the “cold turkey” method or use one of a number of nicotine based products. These smoking cessation products have proven to be twice as effective as the “cold turkey” method leading to their experiencing explosive growth, particularly in countries that aggressively promote anti-smoking programs. The Company’s product line provides the market with a drug free smoking alternative.

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  1. Adam Weiss says:

    I was looking over your site http://nicodrops.com have access to thousands and thousands of people who want to become your clients.
    Let me explain. I represent a group that has developed a software application that without using email or fax or any traditional method could have your message out to thousands of eager businesses every hour. The result is usually a stream of profitable prospects coming to you. The best part…is that you can try it without risking a dime. Get a free fully functional trial of a new proprietary spftware that rivals anything any of us has seen in since the internet started. If you don’t believe me, just go to http://www.bartonincorporated.com/cps/ you have nothing to lose by looking.
    Thank you for your time,
    Adam Weiss

  2. gerald bruecker says:

    I have some nicodrops stock,Is it worth anything ? if so how do I trade it ?
    Thank you .

  3. Lee MyongMu says:

    Please understand English is not very good.

    It is South Korea.

    We contact your product(nicodrops logenges) from your homepage.
    We have several places online store and shopping mall(including drug stores) in Korea.
    we Interested in this product and try to sell to consumers if we can.

    Korea people are interested in a non-smoking.And smoking cessation products are sold well.

    we has questions about your product.

    1. I would like to know the order quantities and the price of the product.
    2. I want to know if this product really quit smoking.
    And How Is it possible to prove the effect.
    3. I want to receive the sample with a small amount.
    Please inform us whether you can & price
    Thanks & Best Regards

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