Press Release

On May 15, 2015, Nicodrops International Inc. received Canadian FDA approval via its  Natural Products Directorate(NPN). Issued License NPN 80060697. A different formulation designed specifically for Canadian distribution, “Herbal Medicine to help Stop Smoking and reduce nicotine cravings” lozenge.

Impact Sales Ontario, Canada will represent Nicdrops Intenational Inc. distribution for all of Canada for Walmart, Loblaws, Shoppers Mart and Rexall beginning October 2015.

Nicodrops International Inc. & Optimum Sales( have an agreement for distribution starting September 2015 in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Western Montana, California, Nevada and Arizona. Distribution will be in higher-end Natural Food markets such as Whole Foods, Jimbos, California Organics, Natural Life, Nature’s Market, Windmills Markets. Plus other regular grocery stores to be included.

Walgreens and CVS Drug Stores nationally are also being contemplated for re-entry via Optimum Sales.

Nicodrops will introduce a Non-GMO, Pure Organic Sugar and all Natural herbs version in addition to its current Smoking Alternative which contains sugar and corn syrup.

Nicodrops International Inc. will represent and debut Nature’s Chill Pill/Hawaiian Stress Relief Inc. on September 2015. Nature’s Chill Pill Stress Relief natural mint flavored lozenges(Non GMO, Pure organic Sugar only) & regular mint flavored Stress Relief(Sugar, Corn syrup). Website:

A total of 5 product lines(5 SKU’s) to be implemented from the above press release.




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