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Hi, I wrote to you once before about nicodrops, a couple of years ago. I Love Your Product. I have been telling everyone about it and giving them information about your site. I wanted to make sure that you still have a site and as soon as I can I will be ordering the product again for myself. “There are a lot of products on the market and have been for many years. I have tried all of them patches, pills, needles, doctors, acupuncture and then some over 15yrs of trying to quit smoking. Your product is the first and only product that has helped me. I will have to admit that the taste is something that you have to
get use to but IT WORKS IT REALLY WORKS!!!!.And it works fast!
I recommend it to everyone I come in contact with that is trying to stop smoking. ”
You’re more than welcome to use the above as part of your marketing.
If you have any literature that you can send me I’ll be more than happy to hand it out to people.
Lee Ann Smith
Encino, CA

Nicodrops here is my testimonial:
I started smoking in High School and had been smoking for approximately 6 years. I started smoking a pack of Light cigarettes per day and worked my way down to about half a pack of Ultra Light cigarettes per day. But I was just unable to completely quit on my own. I worked for a very busy bank branch at the time, and was frequently unable to take a smoke break. I first tried low-dose nicotine replacement lozenges,
but they made me too jumpy. I also tried nicotine gum, but it had the same effect. A friend told me about Nicodrops and said I should try them. I noticed Nicodrops do not contain nicotine, so I didn’t have to quit smoking if I didn’t want to. After using them for a few weeks, I noticed how well they controlled my cigarette cravings. They gave me the feeling that I had just smoked a cigarette, without having to actually smoke one. And I didn’t have to worry about my customers smelling cigarettes on my hands while I was
processing their transactions. After about a month of using Nicodrops, I was down to smoking 3 or 4 cigarettes per day. I decided to use Nicodrops to help me quit smoking those last few cigarettes per day.
Within one more month, I was completely cigarette-free. It was so easy to quit smoking using Nicodrops, I recommended them to my mother and my boyfriend.
Thank you,
Jean M. Peck

“After smoking for 6 years, I tried quitting atleast 4 times with no success. Nicodrops neutralized the craving I had to smoke and eased my nerves which helped to take the edge off of going without a cigarette. I went from smoking a pack of cigarettes a day to stopping almost immediately with the help of the Nicodrops lozenges,” said Steve Pollington, Southern California.

“While quitting smoking, I found Nicodrops to taste great! It really helped me decrease my need for wanting to have a cigarette. It started to work right away unlike some of the other quit smoking products I have tried in the past which I found less than effective,” said Richard Deryck of North Las Vegas, NV.

Subject: My experience with Nicodrops.

I would just like to take this time to write to your company and tell
how Nicodrops helped me stop smoking.
I smoked a pack a day for the last 16 years. I didn’t really think
about or even want to quit. My dad died from lung cancer, from smoking, a
year ago. He was only 49. I finally realized, at 31, that I needed to quit,
for my own health. I was afraid to try and also didn’t want to spend a
lot of money on ‘quit smoking products’ like the patches or gum
because they are so expensive. I didn’t want to spend alot of money and the
products not work. I also decided that the best way for me to quit was
cold turkey. Theses products all have nicotine in them and I didn’t
want to keep using nicotine. I then discovered Nicodrops. Because of the
price, and that they do not contain Nicotine I decided to try them
first. It was like a miracle. Since using the Nicodrops, I have not had
another cigarette or any Nicotine. I have now been quit for almost 2 months
and I love it! Just yesterday, my fiance decided to quit. We went to
Walgreens to buy more Nicodrops and while checking out, the sales clerk asked me
about them. I told how they had helped me quit and just raved about
your product. I now tell everyone about your product when they ask how I
quit. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. It has helped me have a
healthier life.
Destiny Fram
Daphne, AL

“I was a chain smoker for over three years smoking as much as two packs a day. Nicodrops did exactly what it was supposed to do – eliminate my desire to smoke. The product is all natural so I didn’t have to use nicotine as part of my quit smoking process which was important to me. If someone truly wants to quit smoking, Nicodrops will help. It did for me!,” according to Rick Jay of San Diego, CA.

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