Nicodrops is a unique, drug free, smoking alternative.
A mint-flavored lozenge aimed to help you curb the urge to smoke and ultimately kick nicotine addiction. Our unique formula contains ingredients proven to help counterbalance feelings commonly associated with heavy nicotine addiction such as prolonged cravings, anxiety and stress.

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  • 6 pack boxes. Complete Progrtam

    6 boxes. Complete Program. $199.95

    The 6 boxes is the "Complete Program" 30 days or less. Why? you are taken away from Nicotine from the beginning, VS weaning off with laced Nicotine, Example: Nicorette Gum, Commit lozenges. These products contain NIicotine. 12+ weeks program using Nicotine?

  • "Trial Size" 1 Box. $33.25

    This is box is good for 1 week. This will let you see if your craving Nicotine, anxiety, stress occurs to Stop Smoking now.

  • OUR GUARANTEE 100% to stop smoking.

    Money back guarantee. No questions asked. All Natural. No Drugs. No known side effects. Endosred by the MAYO CLINIC, Rosewell Cancer Treatment Center. Dr. Bruce Becker, MD, Beth Bock, PhD, and Rosa Carmona-Barros, MS of The Centers for Behavioral & Preventive Medicine, The Miriam Hospital, Rhode Island Hospital, and Brown Medical School.

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