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How it Works

Smokers wishing to quit essentially have 3 choices:

1. They may decide to go “cold turkey” and quit without any assistance from smoking cessation products. This is very difficult and does not have a high level of success.

2. They may decide to use one of several products which are nicotine based and operate on a weaning process. These products have proven to be twice as effective in stopping smoking over the “cold turkey” approach.

3. They may decide to use a non-nicotine based, drug free smoking cessation product. This is a relatively new emerging market with very few proven products on the market.

The Decision to Quit.

If a smoker decides to quit, the nicotine is cut off and the body looks for reward system it has become used to. When it does not receive the nicotine it wants, the brain releases another chemical called Norepinephrine which brings on withdrawal symptoms and may result in a craving for tobacco, a desire for sweets, increased coughing, and impaired performance on vigilance tasks.

In addition, the person quitting may become irritable, anxious, restless, or depressed and may have trouble sleeping and concentrating. The heart rate may also decrease. Appetite may also increase resulting in weight gain.

Nicødrops is an Herbal dietary supplment lozenge with all natural 100% Herbal dietary ingredients. It helps to reduce the stress associated with not smoking**. Nicødrops is nicotine free.

Research and development was concentrated on a holistic approach with herbal plants. Herbalists throughout the U.S. have been unlocking the secrets
of what these herbs can accomplish. Understanding the applications of these herbs, Nicodrops implemented only pure herbal plant extracts into a proprietary
trade formula secret and a blend of key flavors into a “minty tasting” lozenge.
Nicodrops contains all natural dietary and only clinically proven herbs. It reduces your desire to smoke. Nicodrops is used to mimic the oral sensations of cigarette smoking. It is intended for short-term use in situations where smokng is prohibited.

Key Benefits:

All natural – does not continue to dose your body with nicotine, any chemical or synthetic products.

Pure 100% Herbal – Contains high active ingredients.

Efficient, Effective, Fast Acting.

Discrete in use.

Lessens symptoms of weaning off of Nicotine and affordably priced with other natural and Allopathic products.

Cost of personal long term medical care correlated with Cigarette Smoking.

Quality of life and better health for family and friends living with a non smoker vs a smoker.


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